Our Philosophy of Innovation, Passion, Planning and Perfection is reflected in our logo :

The name: Pilcrow is the name for the symbol (¶). You’ve seen it on the top of your word document but may not have paid attention to it, till now. It represents an end to one line of thought and the beginning of another every time you start a new paragraph. We have brought this hidden character to the forefront and strive to start and complete all our projects with a new line of thought.

The shape: The circle representing completeness and a 360° approach, starts and ends with the Pilcrow = a new thought, a new way of thinking. This shape represents creativity and completeness. However, even though it is complete, it does not end; just like the effects of anything we do carry on even after the work is done.

The colour: The dynamism and passion of the colour red blends together with the stability and steadfastness of blue to give birth to Purple, the colour of purpose. This is the colour we have chosen for our logo, not only for its embodiment of purpose, but also for its symbolism of magic and mystery that we feel makes life so exciting.